February 23, 2010

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 23, 2010



The meeting was called to order at 7:01 by John Wruble


Board members present were John Wruble, Linda North, Jeri Martin, Scott Paul, Laurie Wu. Also present was Joy Church (bookkeeper). Last month’s minutes were read and after one small spelling correction were approved.


King County Sheriff report: It was reported there was a home burglary in the neighborhood. An alert neighbor saw what looked suspicious and called 911. The burglars were apprehended on 140th Way. This reminds us to all be aware of our surroundings and report anything that looks suspicious. Also, please be sure your garage door is closed when not in use.


Financial Report: Joy Church/bookkeeper, Laurie Wu/treasurer. There are still several homeowners who have not yet paid the 2010 HO Dues. There are also several homeowners who have not paid 2009 dues. Letters of intent to file a lien have been sent to these homeowners and liens will soon be filed. The Tax return is complete and will be sent on February 24th. Scott Paul requested that he be given a copy of the landscaping bill each month prior to it being paid. All HOA bills will be paid by the end of February.


Landscaping Report: Scott Paul. Scott Paul has done a walk-thru of all the open land areas with our landscapers and identified any immediate needs. Crane fly treatments will be done on these areas. Scott has also received a spreadsheet from Malone’s showing what work will be completed each month. We are also asked to keep an eye out for any tent caterpillar nests we see forming in the green belt areas surrounding our homes as they will need to be professionally removed later this spring. Scott will also be sending a letter, along with Jeri Martin (Architectural Control) giving notice to all homeowners of the general maintenance needed in our front yards.


Architectural Control Report: Jeri Martin. Jeri Martin presented us with a draft of a letter she and Scott will be sending to each homeowner reminding us of our responsibilities in maintaining the outdoor of our home and yard. Scott and Jeri will be doing a walk-thru shortly and will address any issues noted with the individual homeowners. John and Jeri are going over 3 requests from last year and will be getting back to the homeowners shortly. It was also noted that one home in the Gables still has their Christmas lights up and will be asked to remove them. One homeowner built a new fence and painted it rather than using a natural color stain. They will be asked to address this issue as well.


Old Business

The new mailboxes issue is underway and all mailboxes will be changed out this spring. More information about when and how the work will be done and how each homeowner can obtain their new key will be given prior to final installation.


The Gables Entry project is also well under way and it is hopeful will be completed by late this spring. A few plans have to be changed and a new contract completed, approved, and signed. Also taken into consideration is the plan to build a bus shelter for our school children. Jeri Martin has been talking with the city, county, and school district and it will be necessary to obtain permits prior to constructing them. There will be more on that issue as we progress.

The bench refurbishing project is nearly complete. All the lumber has been purchased, stained, and are ready to be installed as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. There are several volunteers who will assist Scott on this project.


HOA Attorney. John met with the new firm and obtained a fee schedule from them. It was reviewed by the Board and found to be acceptable. Laurie Wu will be determining if we can file the liens on the delinquent homeowners or if we will use the attorneys to do this for us. Once determined who will file them, the liens will be placed.


Purchasing snow removal equipment has been approved and will be purchased this week. There will be a deck box placed out of sight at each of our entrances (Gables and Woodward) in which will be snow shovels, ice melt, and a spreader. The boxes will be kept closed and secured with zip ties and clearly marked as to their purpose and contents. In the event of a snowstorm we will need volunteers to meet at the entrances and help shovel snow and spread ice melt at our entrances, making them safer and easier to use for all of us.


The discussion was held on the Board member terms. Each member will serve a 3 year term on a rotating schedule so there will be an election of one board position each year.


Nothing more was discussed regarding the website changes.


New Business

Packets will be made available and given to new homeowners as they move in. This will be a way of welcoming them into the neighborhood as well as making them more aware of our CC&R’s. When we get started on this program there will be the need for volunteers to greet the new residents for both Gables and Woodward. We also have two volunteers to review the entire CC&R’s, Bylaws, and Compliance Rules and Regulations to be sure they are up to date and accurate prior to making up the packets.


Two important dates to remember: Annual yard spring clean-up will be held on April 10th. There will be equipment made available to the homeowners to thatch and aerate their lawn. Laurie Wu is preparing a flyer that will be given to every homeowner reminding them of this date as well as letting them know how to reserve the equipment. We will also have the annual clean-up party on April 24th, for the landscaping along 140th Way. Those volunteering will need to bring their gardening and weeding tools. This will be held from 8:00 until Noon at which time there will be pizza for all!


Block Watch discussion was tabled until next month.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:05.


The next board meeting will be at the Nativity Lutheran Church Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 7:00 pm.  Residents are encouraged to attend.