December 5, 2006

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

December 5th, 2006


The Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Joyce Keil


Board Members present: Joyce Keil, John Wruble, James Postma, Mike Churchill, Rob Wick, Joy Church


Also Present: Becky Wruble, Dave Keil


King County Sheriff’s Department: Not present


Fire District #40 Report: Not present


Financial Report, Joy Church: The house that went through foresclosure will need to have paperwork filed by our HOA lawyer in order to get the annual dues. Dale has contacted her. We need to file by December 16th.


Committee Reports:

Landscaping barking of the common grounds will be done this week. This will use the remainder of the budget for this year on the landscaping. The water lines have been turned off and we are working on adding lights at the entrances of Woodward and Gables.

Trees behind the entrance at The Gables are overgrown. Rob is going to talk to Malone’s Landscaping about trimming those back. He is also going to have them take out a small tree at Gables.


Architecture Control:

Old dishwasher at the corner house of Woodward needs to be removed. This is the house that was bought at the auction and we do not have a contact number for the current owner. Joyce is handling this matter and is trying to get a contact number or catch someone when they are at the house.


Old Business:

Cover letter for Rules and Regulations is done and approved by the board members. Joy is mailing the revised R&R’s to all of the homeowners.


New Business:

HDR Engineering gave a presentation on a proposal to connect a water pipeline that would go through part of Elliott Farm property. This is a big project that will eventually go from Tacoma to Kirkland. They would like approval to do a study which only allows them to come onto the property to take soil samples and geological testing to make sure that is would be a safe to dig deeply without jeopardizing the hillside. They will come back to us with there findings and then we will need to look into this project to make sure that is would benefit the homeowners. The project would go until 2010 and the actual work would take about 6 months. A good part of that time goes into the planning and acquiring permits.   James is the contact person and he will notify HDR of our intentions after we consult our lawyer about the agreement.


The Elliott Farm Holiday Progressive Dinner will be December 30th and flyers have been posted on the mail stations.


Board Positions:

Dale Prior will now be President and Joyce Keil will take Shawn Hutchinson’s position as Secretary. This was voted on and approved by the board.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.


The next Homeowner’s Association meeting will be January 23rd 2007 at 7:00pm at Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 140th Ave. SE

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