December 1, 2015


December 1, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President, Chris Rodrigues. Also in attendance was architectural Chair Sean Baur, landscaping Chair Gordon Hill, and Secretary Shirleann Nold.  Treasurer Meg Paul was not available.

The board reviewed the balance sheet and the profit and loss budget for the year through November and we are on target for expenditures. The last bank owned home is for sale in the Gables community and the board is negotiating with the escrow company to collect outstanding HOA dues.  Upon collection the board will release the lien and clear the title.

Gordon reported that the tree removal in the greenbelt was successful and the company has been paid. The recent wind storm has resulted in one more tree leaning and in need of removal in Woodward.  The birch trees at Woodward’s entrance will also be removed and Gordon is consulting with Natural Land Effects about replacement.  Water lines to the sprinkler system have not been winterized.  Gordon will be looking at companies that provide this service and report back to the board.  The board is moving forward in replacing the entrance lighting in Woodward with energy efficient LED lighting.

Sean reported one approval for a new roof in the Gables.

Old business: Mailbox placards giving direction to our new website have been posted in the Gables and will be posted in Woodward as well.  Homeowners, the holidays are upon us and package delivery is on the rise.  Unfortunately we need to be on guard for thieves who prey on home deliveries. Please make special arrangements with UPS/FED EX in the event you will not be home. Notify a neighbor or have deliveries made to your office address.

New Business: Chris and his son will be responsible for Christmas lighting at the Gables entry.   Gordon will manage Woodward entry lighting.  The annual Christmas Home Decorating Contest will be judged between Christmas and New Year’s Day and judging will involve the children.

The board sees a need for two “welcoming” agents to be appointed in the Gables and Woodward for 2016. These friendly volunteers will greet our new neighbors and disseminate copies of our CC&R’s and crime prevention handbook. They will also be a point of contact to answer questions and explain to new residents that they are now part of Elliott Farm HOA.  We are finding that many new homeowners are not aware that this community is governed by CC&R’s and overseen by the HOA board.  Anyone interested in volunteering may contact any board member.  The board will also be in contact with all listing agents to assure full disclosure is reviewed with all home sales.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM. The next meeting will be on January 25th at 7:00 PM at Nativity Lutheran Church.  All residents are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted, Shirleann Nold, secretary