March 22, 2016

Minutes of the Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

March 22, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Chris Rodrigues. All board members were present: Gordon Hill (landscaping), Sean Bauer (architectural control), Meg Paul (treasurer), and Shirleann Nold (secretary). In addition, 15 additional homeowners were present.

The minutes from February were read and amended to read that April 30th will be the date for the annual community clean up with aerator and thatcher and the 140th clean up date will be determined later. Chris has arranged to have the annual garage sale coordinated with all the other neighborhood garage sales on July 8, 9, and 10th.

90% of annual dues have been paid and fines have been levied on those homeowners who are now in arrears.

Gordon reported that one LED light has been installed at Woodward and a second is on order. We anticipate large savings with the new lights installed. He now has 3 bids on gutters on the gazebo. The board approved the low bid of $275 from a licensed and bonded firm recommended on Angie’s list. Gordon will be doing a spring walk-through with our landscape contractor to point out and correct the line of sight at the Gables entry, drop dead trees on the back side of the property, cut branches back on the trail, and repair light fixtures at Woodward. Flyers will go up regarding the use of the aerator and thatcher for the 30th. A suggestion was made that we follow up with a pot luck that day. The HOA landscaper is available, at a fee, to aerate and thatch for those unable to do so themselves. Sprinkler systems will be turned on when things get dryer. Gordon is still looking at fencing bids for the Sport Court and several suggestions were made by homeowners present at the meeting.

Sean reported one submission for new fencing.

Many homeowners were present to discuss security. Chris explained that the HOA will not install security cameras at the entrances. The cameras would offer a deterrent to crime, however may create a false sense of security for homeowners. Many HOA’s nationally have opted not to get involved with security. HOA’s providing any form of security for a community opens up the opportunity for the association and homeowners to be held liable for property loss or damage. Several good suggestions were made to improve personal security.

*Download King County information on home protection

*Install personal security cameras. Some come equipped with an audible “you are being videotaped”

*Keep your eyes open. Many break-ins have occurred between 12-3 AM and 10-1:00 PM

*Keep your lights on at night. Keep bushes trimmed near entrances and keep front door visible.

*Buy a “jam” bar that prevents a door from being kicked in.

*Many homes have a security siren installed with the original system. The siren is located near the crawl space access door in most of the homes.

*Privatize your affiliation with Next Door. This will allow us to speak candidly about matters in our community.

*FYI: A locked gate will not be entered by police looking for a suspected prowler.

*Last but not least, get to know your neighbors through “Block Watch”. Signs will be installed shortly.

The issue of street parking was discussed in regard to access by emergency vehicles. Homeowners are encouraged to park only on the side of the street with sidewalks. Parking on both sides of the street could hinder access by emergency vehicles.

The HOA is working with our lawyers to draft an amendment to our CC&R’s regarding lease agreements for renters.

Chris will put together a flyer to be distributed to every household clarifying how to access Next Door, our web site, and suggested security tips.

The board thanked Shirleann Nold, outgoing secretary, for two years of service to the HOA, and welcomed Penny Gowan, who has volunteered starting in April.

The next HOA board meeting will be held on April 30th at Nativity Lutheran Church at 7 PM. All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold


January 23, 2016

Minutes of the Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

January 23, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by President Chris Rodrigues. Also present were Gordon Hill, landscaping chair, Sean Bauer, architectural control chair, and Shirleann Nold, secretary. Meg Paul, treasurer, was absent.

The minutes from December were read and amended to read that Gordon has requested 3 bids for new fencing at the sport court, but none have been submitted.

Our bookkeeper/treasurers reported that 79% of dues have been collected. It is important to note that dues fund maintenance of common grounds, permits, license, taxes, utilities, arborists and special projects we face as a community. This creates a well- groomed setting that helps maintain property values. On March 1st, dues will be delinquent and a late fee will be assessed. There is just one bank owned home for sale now in our community.

Gordon (landscaping) reported that the new lights for the Woodward entrance will cost @$1500. We are waiting for the remaining dues to be received before ordering. The lights that are already in place in Gables are saving the HOA over ½ of last year’s electric bill.

May 7th has been set as the date for our annual community clean up date. Gordon will rent the aerator and thatcher from Ace Hardware and homeowners can contact Gordon to reserve them, at no cost, for that date.

Tentatively, Saturday, April 30th, is scheduled to be the 140th clean-up day. Chris is attempting to coordinate with Maple Ridge development, which does an excellent job of cleaning along the opposite side of the road. To solve the problem of the limited line of sight near the entrance to Gables, we will ask our landscapers to attempt to move the two closest plants farther up the hill.

We may lose a few more trees near the Woodward entrance due to the drought last summer. We are in a wait and see period.

Gordon is also looking at bids to add gutters to the gazebo. Gutters, plus some improvement in drainage around the gazebo may eliminate the water accumulation problem there.

Our annual garage sale is tentatively scheduled for July 8, 9, and 10.

Sean reported just one new submission for fence repair.

The board addressed neighborhood security once again. Two signs have been ordered at a cost of $11 each for the entrances indicating a Neighborhood Watch. After much discussion the board has determined that it cannot be responsible for neighborhood security i.e. security patrols, electronic gates, car stickers (which many have said they would not support), and entry way camera systems. The camera system cost would be prohibitive to the association and monitoring the data collected would be a logistical nightmare. As advised by King County sheriff’s department our streets are public roads and the data collected would be inadmissible in the court of law. The ultimate responsibility rests on each homeowner to secure their property. Security includes locking doors on cars left in driveways and on the street, removing garage door openers from same, leaving outdoor lights on overnight, installing their own home security system and/or security cameras. Almost all home break-ins have resulted from lapses in personal security such as car or house doors left unlocked. The HOA’s responsibility is to maintain the common grounds / utilities and enforce the CC&R’s of our community.

The board addressed the new issue of rental property that houses non-single family tenants. Our CC&R’s state rental properties are to be for single families only. Given this is up for interpretation, the board is seeking legal advice on this matter.

The board discussed fire lane safety and instituting a plan for parking only on the side of the road with a sidewalk. The opposite curb would be painted red to prohibit parking. The board’s primary concern is that our community does not limit access to emergency vehicles.

We will be correcting the link for ACC submissions on our website. Currently we cannot access this form. The board will be adding new software to our website that will allow better compatibility with the host. The new software will cost $200. We are currently budgeted for $300 annually. We will add the Neighborhood Watch brochure for downloading on our site.

Shirleann Nold, secretary, tendered her resignation from the board after 2 years as she will be moving. Anyone interested to serve as secretary please contact Chris Rodrigues.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

The next meeting will be held on March 22, 2016 at Nativity Lutheran Church at 7PM. All are encouraged to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold,


December 1, 2015


December 1, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President, Chris Rodrigues. Also in attendance was architectural Chair Sean Baur, landscaping Chair Gordon Hill, and Secretary Shirleann Nold.  Treasurer Meg Paul was not available.

The board reviewed the balance sheet and the profit and loss budget for the year through November and we are on target for expenditures. The last bank owned home is for sale in the Gables community and the board is negotiating with the escrow company to collect outstanding HOA dues.  Upon collection the board will release the lien and clear the title.

Gordon reported that the tree removal in the greenbelt was successful and the company has been paid. The recent wind storm has resulted in one more tree leaning and in need of removal in Woodward.  The birch trees at Woodward’s entrance will also be removed and Gordon is consulting with Natural Land Effects about replacement.  Water lines to the sprinkler system have not been winterized.  Gordon will be looking at companies that provide this service and report back to the board.  The board is moving forward in replacing the entrance lighting in Woodward with energy efficient LED lighting.

Sean reported one approval for a new roof in the Gables.

Old business: Mailbox placards giving direction to our new website have been posted in the Gables and will be posted in Woodward as well.  Homeowners, the holidays are upon us and package delivery is on the rise.  Unfortunately we need to be on guard for thieves who prey on home deliveries. Please make special arrangements with UPS/FED EX in the event you will not be home. Notify a neighbor or have deliveries made to your office address.

New Business: Chris and his son will be responsible for Christmas lighting at the Gables entry.   Gordon will manage Woodward entry lighting.  The annual Christmas Home Decorating Contest will be judged between Christmas and New Year’s Day and judging will involve the children.

The board sees a need for two “welcoming” agents to be appointed in the Gables and Woodward for 2016. These friendly volunteers will greet our new neighbors and disseminate copies of our CC&R’s and crime prevention handbook. They will also be a point of contact to answer questions and explain to new residents that they are now part of Elliott Farm HOA.  We are finding that many new homeowners are not aware that this community is governed by CC&R’s and overseen by the HOA board.  Anyone interested in volunteering may contact any board member.  The board will also be in contact with all listing agents to assure full disclosure is reviewed with all home sales.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM. The next meeting will be on January 25th at 7:00 PM at Nativity Lutheran Church.  All residents are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted, Shirleann Nold, secretary

October 27, 2015


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Rodrigues at 7:07 PM. Also present were Sean Bauer, architectural chair, Gordon Hill, landscaping chair, Meg Paul, treasurer, and Shirleann Nold, secretary.  Including board members, 11 homeowners were present.

The minutes from October 28, 2015 were approved as read.

Gordon reviewed the boards’ accomplishments of 2014-2015:

*We hired Natural Land Effects as our new landscaper and they are doing a great job.  Several homeowners have hired them for personal landscaping.

*We lost trees at Woodward during summer’s drought.  They have been cut back, but may need to be replaced.

*12 homeowners took advantage of the HOA pressure washer that is available at a cost of $10/day.  Cash received goes into a reserve account for future replacement.

* The in-ground replacement of lighting at the Gables entry has cut our cost to $130 annually as opposed to the cost of the halogen lighting at Woodward, which runs $432.  Replacement of that lighting is on the table for the future.

*Spring clean-up went well.  We have established a good relationship with Ace Hardware.  They take care of delivering the aerator and thatcher used by homeowners to maintain their lawns each spring.

*It was proposed that in the future we use handbills delivered to each door to advertise important community events like spring cleanup to prompt a better turnout.

On November 9th, Matt’s Tree Service will be cutting dangerous cottonwoods in our community.  Homeowners will be given notice when the company will access their backyards.  Once the trees are identified as “dangerous”, the HOA is culpable for damages.

Meg reported that we are operating within our proposed budget.  We had some added expense in the landscaping department due to

*mulching beds

*gravelling the trail by the sports court

Consequently, we have upped that budget item by $600.

The added expense this year was offset by $500 spent on the Fairwood Flyer, which is no longer in business.  $300 of the savings was used to build our new website.  There has been a loss on expected interest rates, but with the help of a local homeowner, we are looking at the viability of other investment vehicles.  Despite the 25% turnover of houses this past year, there are currently only 3 homes on the market and only one homeowner in arrears on dues.

Sean reported 10 submissions for the year: 3 for paint, 2 for fences, 1 shed, 1 play set, 1 deck, 1 heat pump and 1 patio roof.  Homeowners are asked to access the web site to review the CC&R’s before contracting improvements and/or to submit an application when planning to improve their property.  Architectural reviews will be done again in March or April and homeowners will be contacted if they are not in compliance.

Chris noted:

* We have a new, improved web site design at a cost of $500.  Signage will be affixed to our mailboxes with the address.  The software was very old and additional dollars have been budgeted to bring it up to date.  Everyone is encouraged to access the site for current information.

*”Next Door” has been developed as a forum for communication among homeowners wanting to exchange information about contractors, break-ins, and items for sale in the neighborhood.  The site can be privatized at the upper right hand side to include only Elliott Farm homes.

*We have been quite successful in recovering funds owed to the HOA from the sale of bank owned properties in the past year.

Other 2016 Projects

*building a retaining fence, no higher than 4’, behind the sport court

* Examining the breakdown of cement along 154th, possibly the result of cars parked on the sidewalk

*Putting the King County crime prevention booklet into every homeowner’s hands.  There has been a second submission to King County for signs.

*Continued pressure on King County for maintenance of the easement

*trimming back the evergreens along the trail

Homeowner’s questions focused mainly on safety in the community.  Chris reviewed the things the board has investigated in the past:

*quality stickers on every vehicle owned by homeowners

*gating the community – our roads are not private roads so this can’t be done

*security patrols – the cost would be an additional $600 in dues for each homeowner

Currently there are no funds in the King County budget to allow King County police to attend our monthly meetings. King County will not follow up on suspect license plate numbers.  They are more interested in “fingerprints” in the home after a break-in. Homeowners must be pro-active.  Some suggestions include:

*installing a good surveillance system

*if that is out of budget, dummy signs

*get to know your neighbors and your neighbor’s phone number

Parking was also brought up. Cars belong in driveways whenever possible.  If it is necessary to park on the street, it should be on only one side of the road to allow egress for emergency vehicles such as a fire truck.  No parking on sidewalks or lawns and there should be 10’ of space left before and after mailboxes and fire hydrants.

In regard to a question about lost PO box keys, they can be ordered from the post office at a cost of $50.

The board would like to acknowledge and thank two people in the community for their continuing contributions to the community –

*Joyce Keil, for her help with our annual Halloween costume parade

*Bruce King for his long term work maintenance of our web site.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold, secretary














August 28, 2015

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of July 28, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by President Chris Rodrigues. Landscaping chair Gordon Hill, Treasurer Meg Paul, Secretary Shirleann Nold, and homeowner Becky Wruble were also present.

July minutes were approved as read.

There was no Fire District 40 report.

Meg reported that our budget is on track for the year. The insurance bill is due and will be paid in September.

Gordon reported that the sprinklers are working properly now, but there is still some trimming and weeding to be done along the fence. We also need to address the issue of a fence behind the sport court to prevent balls from rolling downhill. We are saving money with the LED lighting at the Gables, but there is a need for it to be a bit brighter.  Matt’s Tree Service will review the green belt for trees infringing on properties in September.  The box containing sand and de-icer will be relocated in Woodward to be more accessible this winter.

Sean reported there was one submission approved in the Gables for a backyard/landscaping  project.

The ice cream social on America’s Night out was, once again, a huge success.

All archive information for the HOA has been transferred to our new website which will go live on 9/1/2015. Enjoy the update by going to Placards will be posted to the mail boxes with the e-mail address and we encourage everyone to take a look.  Our website informs homeowners of the CC&R’s, archives the minutes of monthly meetings, and now offers a calendar for upcoming events.

Google Next Door Elliott Farms as our community forum. Over 90 Elliott Farm homeowners participate in this forum to ask questions, buy and sell merchandise and find contractors that others have used successfully.

Anyone wishing to have a yard sale can contact Chris Rodrigues for road signs.

We are still waiting for block watch signs to arrive. About 75% of homeowners have signed up with phone and e-mail addresses. Please contact Chris Rodrigues @  if you would like to participate as a Blockwatch Captain.

The board is gearing up for the annual meeting to be held on October 25th.

Our next monthly meeting will be held on September 22, 2015 at Nativity Lutheran church at 7:00 PM. Homeowners are encouraged to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold, secretary

July 28, 2015

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of July 28, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 6:59 PM by President Chris Rodrigues. Landscaping Chair Gordon Hill, Secretary Shirleann Nold and homeowner Becky Wruble were also present. Absent were Meg Paul, treasurer, and Sean Bauer, architectural chair.

Minutes from June were dispensed with and there was no financial report other than to say that budget is on track.   Lien status and collections on homes in arrears were reviewed.

A letter addressed to Fire Chief Rufener inviting him to our scheduled National Night Out on August 4th was read.

Gordon reported that we have spent half of money budgeted for the arborist. There will be an evaluation of trees in the green belt by Matt’s Tree Service.  Gordon will also meet with our landscaper regarding the issues with the sprinklers and additional trimming along the path to the sport court.

Sean has answered two questions but there have been no architectural submissions this month.

Our new web page is in development. The first revision should be available soon.

Block watch signs have been ordered and will be installed soon. We are still looking for a few more block watch captains.  Board members will go door to door distributing information on Block Watch and on Next Door, the neighborhood communication page.  Members are reminded that they are able to privatize the site for Elliott Farms to eliminate chatter from other communities.

The community garage sale will be held on August 1st and 2nd .  Signage will go out this weekend.

Our annual National Night Out ice cream social will be on Tuesday, August 4th.  All residents are invited to come and meet their neighbors.

The next board meeting will be held on August 25th at 7:00 PM at Nativity Lutheran Church at 7 PM.  Homeowners are encouraged to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Shireann Nold, secretary


June 23, 2015

Elliot Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of June 23, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by President Chris Rodrigues.  Treasurer Meg Paul, Landscaping Chair Gordon Hill, Architectural Chair Sean Bauer, and Secretary Shirleann Nold were also present.

Minutes of the May board meeting were approved as read.

There was no report from Fire District 40.

Bookkeeper Joy Church reported financial to Meg Paul.  We are operating within our budget. Cash payments for use of the pressure washer were translated to personal checks for accounting purposes.

Gordon Hill reported that our landscape company, Natural Land Effects, is doing a good job.  Gordon plans to walk the tract with the supervisor to address a few issues: sprinklers that are not hitting the grass in the tot lot, aeration of a few compacted areas where water runs off, and trimming of the path between our developments.  Bags of dog feces in the garbage cans have increased in number.  Our landscaper cannot dump those cans in the yard waste and is taking the contents to his own home for disposal.  It is preferable that responsible pet owners take the bags home to dispose of them themselves.  Gordon will meet with the lighting company regarding lighting at the entrance to Woodward.  There is a possibility of replacing the lighting with free standing flood lights.

With the July 4th weekend coming up, homeowners are reminded to be aware of the overly dry conditions in regard to the use of fireworks.

Sean Bauer reported three submissions for painting.  Neighborhood reviews will be done next spring.

Old Business:  The new web page is in progress and is in the first review stage.  It will include photos, NEXT DOOR, links to documents, service providers’ information, and information on disaster preparedness, block watch links, and a calendar of upcoming events.  A second request for block watch signs has been made to King County which is backlogged at present.  Woodward block captains are in place.  More are needed at Gables.  The block watch link is

New Business: Our 2015 community garage sale is slated for the weekend of August 1st.  Posters and flyers will be distributed by the board.  Tuesday, August 4th is National Night Out and the board will host our annual ice-cream social again this year at the tot lot in Gables at 7:00 PM.  The Fire Department will once again be invited to stop by with their truck.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.  The next meeting is July 28th at Nativity Lutheran Church, 7 PM.  Homeowners are encouraged to attend.

April 28, 2015

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of April, 28th 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Chris Rodrigues.   Treasurer Meg Paul, Landscaping Chair Gordon Hill and Architectural Chair Sean Bauer were also in attendance.  Secretary Shirleann Nold was absent.  Homeowner’s Mike and Penny Gowen, Troy McCutchen and Dave Keil were also present.

Meg Paul read the minutes of our March meeting and the board approved the minutes to be posted on our website.

There was no report from Fire District 40.

Bookkeeper Joy Church reported our financials to Meg Paul.  We are operating within our budget. The Fairwood Flyer is no longer in publication and the board decided to use the monies appropriated for this expense to fund our new website.

Gordon Hill reported our landscaping company Natural Land Effects is doing a great job and the condition of our common grounds is a reflection of the high standards we try to maintain in our community.  The thatching and aerating event held over the past weekend was a success.  Many homeowners took advantage of this great opportunity provided by EFHOA.  The HOA provides a pressure washer for homeowner’s at a $10.00 per day charge.  To make your reservation please contact Chris Rodrigues @

Sean Bauer reported there were two submissions for property improvement.

Old Business:  Our new website is in the development stage.  The transition will be seamless and our new site will preserve all of the information archived.  The order forms have been submitted to the Department of Transportation for our Block Watch signs.

New Business:  Chris Rodrigues is in the process of identifying Block Watch captains. The captains will work with their neighbors and exchange contact information to develop a line of communication.  Elliott Farm Homeowners please take the time to download and print the attached link:        The board will use this crime prevention handbook as our guide for the Block Watch program.

Crime Prevention ideas:  The board has received many emails reacting to the recent rash of crime and attempted crime in our community.  1) The idea of a gated community is not possible for the Elliott Farm developments.  Cost, shallow entries, fire department access and privatizing a public roadway are all contributing factors. 2) A Security patrol bid was obtained last week.   The quote provided for three patrols daily omitting weekends.  The added cost would increase our current budget from $32,775 to $52,275.  This would translate to an additional $205.00 per household per year. After careful consideration the board determined patrols are cost prohibitive. 3) Vehicle identification stickers were discussed.  Many felt it would not have an impact on crime prevention.  The cost for a bundle of 250ct. DMV quality stickers is $160.00.  This idea is still on the table and will be discussed in future meetings.

Overview:  It was suggested that Homeowners need to invest in security systems that monitor activity in and around their homes.  Most systems interact with smartphone devices.  We urge Homeowners to turn on their porch lights, lock windows/doors, close your garage doors, lock your car, remove garage door openers and do not store property in your car.  Please keep a look out for suspicious activity and call 911 to report your findings.  To expedite your 911 call please identify with the operator our community is under King County Sherriff jurisdiction.

Open Discussion:   We opened the floor for discussion to the homeowners present.  Some mentioned they wanted to be a part of the Block Watch program and others mentioned they agreed with not funding the security patrol.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10. The Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The next Board meeting will be held on May 26th at 7:00pm at Nativity Lutheran Church. Residents are encouraged to attend.

March 24, 2015

Elliott Farm Homeowners Association Board Meeting

Minutes of March 24, 2015

The meeting was called to order promptly at 7:00 PM by president Chris Rodrigues.  Others in attendance were Gordon Hill, Meg Paul and Shirleann Nold.

No report from Renton Fire Department.

Minutes from February were approved as corrected.

Financial statements from Joy Church were reviewed and approved.  There are just 5 homeowners currently in arrears.  Liens have been applied to 3 properties.  The HOA and Bluejeans Bookkeeping will explore setting up Pay Pal account.  This may streamline payment transactions for homeowners.

Landscape chair, Gordon Hill, praised Natural Affects, our new landscaping company, for the good work they are doing in the neighborhood.  There will be an e-mail blast, signs will be posted and door hangars distributed on March 25th regarding spring cleaning of the 140th.  Volunteers will meet at the tot lot at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 28th.  A Thatcher and Aerator will be provided to homeowners on April 25th and 26th. Contact Gordon at to reserve your spot. The HOA also has a pressure washer available to homeowners at $10 per day. Contact Chris Rodrigues to reserve.

Gordon Hill has received three bids for mulching the common areas.  The board selected the bid from Natural Affects to do the work.  They will deliver and spread 30 yards of mulch in April.   Sean Bauer reported one inquiry for a fence replacement.

Our current webpage @ is dated and our contract ends by mid-year.  The board is in the planning stages of developing a new web page. We have a reasonable bid from a web designer with great credentials.  All data and history will be intact. The new site will have a modern look with an enhanced photo gallery and updated menu.  Placards will be affixed to the mailbox stations with our web site address to make information about events more easily accessible to homeowners.

The HOA encourages homeowners to sign up for our private “Next Door” site. This site is a forum for our community to share information and events.  There is a General greeting from Chris.  Click on your name on the upper right side of the page to expose the settings feature. This allows you to privatize the site to Elliott Farm only and relieve you from receiving posts outside our community.

Chris has been busy gathering phone numbers and e-mail addresses with the intent of informing all residents of neighborhood block watch meetings.  Block Watch signs have been ordered from King County.  The board was very impressed with the pamphlet prepared by Covington and we will follow their format for setting block watch up in our neighborhood.

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold, secretary

February 24, 2015

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of February 24, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Chris Rodrigues.  Sean Bauer and Gordon Hill were in attendance.  Meg Paul and Shirleann Nold were absent.  Jim Nold was present as guest and acting secretary.

Minutes of January 27, 2015 were approved as read.

There was no Fire District 40 report.

It was reported that 88% of annual dues have been collected.  Homeowners with outstanding balances can make checks payable to the Elliott Farm HOA and mail them to P.O. Box 160, Ephrata, WA. 98823.  Annual dues fund maintenance of common grounds, permits, license, taxes, utilities, arborists and other special projects we face as a community.  This translates to a well groomed setting that will help maintain property value.

Gordon Hill, landscaping chair, discussed trees that will be trimmed in the Woodward area.  He will check with the sport court contractor regarding the surface warranty.  He is in process of receiving three bids on spring mulching.  Spring cleanup is scheduled for April 25-26.  Anyone wishing to use the thatcher and aerator should contact Gordon.

Sean Bauer reported no architectural submissions.

Old Business:  The newly painted Elliott Farm sign has been hung at the Gazebo.

New Business:  Homeowners will be sent instructions on use of the new website “NEXT DOOR”.  Our HOA is looking at new web page development.

REMINDER – trash cans should be off the street by Wednesday night.  All Christmas lights were to be removed by January 30th.

Neighborhood clean-up day along 140th will take place on March 28th.  Contact Chris at

The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 PM.