August 28, 2015

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of July 28, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by President Chris Rodrigues. Landscaping chair Gordon Hill, Treasurer Meg Paul, Secretary Shirleann Nold, and homeowner Becky Wruble were also present.

July minutes were approved as read.

There was no Fire District 40 report.

Meg reported that our budget is on track for the year. The insurance bill is due and will be paid in September.

Gordon reported that the sprinklers are working properly now, but there is still some trimming and weeding to be done along the fence. We also need to address the issue of a fence behind the sport court to prevent balls from rolling downhill. We are saving money with the LED lighting at the Gables, but there is a need for it to be a bit brighter.  Matt’s Tree Service will review the green belt for trees infringing on properties in September.  The box containing sand and de-icer will be relocated in Woodward to be more accessible this winter.

Sean reported there was one submission approved in the Gables for a backyard/landscaping  project.

The ice cream social on America’s Night out was, once again, a huge success.

All archive information for the HOA has been transferred to our new website which will go live on 9/1/2015. Enjoy the update by going to Placards will be posted to the mail boxes with the e-mail address and we encourage everyone to take a look.  Our website informs homeowners of the CC&R’s, archives the minutes of monthly meetings, and now offers a calendar for upcoming events.

Google Next Door Elliott Farms as our community forum. Over 90 Elliott Farm homeowners participate in this forum to ask questions, buy and sell merchandise and find contractors that others have used successfully.

Anyone wishing to have a yard sale can contact Chris Rodrigues for road signs.

We are still waiting for block watch signs to arrive. About 75% of homeowners have signed up with phone and e-mail addresses. Please contact Chris Rodrigues @  if you would like to participate as a Blockwatch Captain.

The board is gearing up for the annual meeting to be held on October 25th.

Our next monthly meeting will be held on September 22, 2015 at Nativity Lutheran church at 7:00 PM. Homeowners are encouraged to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold, secretary