August 28, 2001

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Trustees Meeting

August 28, 2001



  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.


  1. Board members present: Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, Shawn Martin, Sherry Rosenlund, Allen Revenig, Maria Elena Geyer, John Ross


  1. Board members not in attendance: Rod Moore, Jim Nold, and Brent Beardall. Homeowner Darrett Kanayama was present, representing Jim Nold from the Gables.


  1. The minutes were read by: Maria Elena Geyer, who taking Lynn Martin’s place on the Board, and were unanimously approved by the Board members present.
  2. Fire District #40 Report: Bob Jason explained several programs/services to the group including: the use of their facilities for meetings, safety night program designed to educate homeowners on fire safety — we are to let them know if interested. Also reminded all of us of dry years, such as this one, to keep a defensible space around your home. Bushes and trees need to be kept away. In addition, he reported that children are going back to school — please take note and slow down when entering or exiting our communities.
  3. King County Sheriff’s Report: no report.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: no report. Dale Prior reported that Brent Beardall continues to work on getting a post office box.
  5. Landscaping report: Shawn Martin reported on the irrigation systems at both the Gables and Woodward will continue to work with sprinkler system company to control standing water. Otherwise systems are working well. Shawn also provided specs/info regarding garbage cans for the Tot Park, gazebo and the sport court. The Board reviewed information and unanimously approved purchase at $345 per can plus $55 delivery charge.

Further discussion on progress of landscaping entryway continued. Dale Prior reported that the County was contacted and agrees with the Board that “our entry was severely impacted by the street construction.” The County is now requesting the previous design. Dale will work with previous landscape designer to obtain original specifications and try to get as much of our previous design from the County as possible.

  1. Architectural Control Report: John Ross presented a letter to be mailed to the homeowners, reminding them of the covenants. The Board reviewed the letter and recommended further concerns to be included. John will modify letter. Maria Elena Geyer to research status of mailing envelopes by contacting Lynn Martin. Additional discussion regarding the architectural form in the Fairwood Flyer continued. The Board is now ready to implement this form to formally review the submission of any architectural proposal from the homeowners.
  2. Community Relations Report: Sherry Rosenlund reported that the Fairwood Flyer is now circulating on a monthly basis. She will continue her research with the Escrow Company regarding updates on homeowners moving in and out, as well as transfer of CC&R from one owner to another. New “Welcome” packages will be presented to the Board at our next Board meeting.
  3. Social Committee Report: Rod Moore was not present. Dale Prior reported continuation with plans for a Labor Day Party at the gazebo from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Monday, September 3rd. Dale also reported successful results from the community garage sale. Thanks to all who helped with the event. Russ Stocek presented the “Golf Day” flyer for review. The event is scheduled for October 6, 2001; $50 per person. Flyer to be distributed to the homeowners the first week in September.
  4. 140th Construction Report: Jim Nold was not present. Darrett Kanayama reported concern regarding on-coming traffic to the Gables. He will continue to research parking of vehicles at the entrance. Woodward residences please continue to be cautious at the intersection; many people don’t stop at the light when it is red.
  5. Security Report: Allen Revenig reported that further discussion/decision regarding a lock gate be postponed until construction is completed. Dale Prior reported that the gate installation would require a city permit.
  6. Old Business: Dale Prior reported on his research for legal counsel; three lawyers were contacted. He will have final recommendation next month.
  7. New Business: Dale Prior reported on City of Renton web-site. They match funds to enhance/beautify communities. This strategy could be considered in the future.


Meeting was adjourned at:   9:10 p.m.


Next meeting will be at:   September 25th at 7 p.m. at the Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE.