August 26, 2003


Board of Trustees Meeting

August 26th, 2003


Dale Prior called the meeting to order.


Board Members present:  Dale Prior, Rick Heinz, John Ross, Shawn Martin, Russ Stocek.  Also present: Joy Church, Bookkeeper.


The minutes were read by Rick Heinz and approved.


Fire District #40: The new fire truck is in service. Its first call was brush fire up along I-5.


Joy Church, Financials: Joy reported that there were no outstanding issues. She also volunteered to do more reporting through email, so she will not need to bill us for her time at our meetings.


Shawn Martin, Landscaping:  The entryway signs at the Gables and Woodward got cleaned and painted and look good.


Our current landscapers performance is being reviewed.  They need to adjust the sprinklers at the tot lot, because the area is too wet.  Some of the landscape beds need weeding and pruning. The area behind the sport court needs mowed and there is a broken sprinkler head up by the sport court.


Dale received another quote for the landscaping at the Woodward entryway.  The board approved this proposal and the work should start in the fall.  There will also be some supplement improvements done at the Gables entryway area.


John Ross, ACC: John received on plan for installing a fence.  The plan was reviewed and approved.


John also has some of the original signs for “Homes of Elliott Farm” and one will be installed at the tot lot and one at the sport court.


Most of the neighbors have been doing a good job of storing the BIG BEAUTIFUL BLUE recycling bins out of sight.  Thanks to all the folks that have found room.  For the few homeowners that have not complied yet please make sure the bins are not visible from the street.


Sherry Rosenlund, Community Relations: (Not present) Sherry has been making sure that new neighbors are receiving welcome packages from the fire district.


Russ Stocek

Russ has scheduled another neighborhood golf outing on September 21st.  Flyers will be out soon.  Please sign up with Russ and join the fun!


Rick Heinz, Block Watch: Apparently someone blew up a for sale sign at one of the homes at the Gables.  911 was called a report was filed.  If anyone saw anything please contact the sheriff.



  1. Ask your neighbors to watch your home when you are on vacation.
  2. If you are not home make sure it looks like you are.
  3. If you see or hear something suspicious call 911.
  4. Don’t leave first floor windows open if you are not home.



Old Business:

  • Discussion to request County to reclassify Tract N for tax purposes
    • The board decided to have tract N zoned for open space. Dale is following up on this.
  • Gazebo to be relocated at the Tot Park in June
    • John Ross got a bid to relocate the gazebo up to the tot lot. The bid includes pouring a new pad for the gazebo, relocating the gazebo and putting a new roof on it. The board approved this bid and the work should be done in September.
  • Toys for Sport Court remain in review.
    • A neighbor in the Woodward is apparently seeing if it is feasible to create an area behind the sport court for a tot lot. It is looking like easements for the county would not leave enough room.
  • Summer barbeque: The board decided to have a neighborhood barbeque at the tot lot after the gazebo gets moved. It will be a great way to initiate the gazebo!
  • Someone suggested that the neighborhood should recognize the neighbors that have worked very hard to keep their yards looking beautiful. If a neighbor or two would like to head up this recognition activity please contact Dale Prior or Rick Heinz. Since no one volunteered Rick coordinated a judging with the board. The board would like to recognize two homes from the Woodward and two from the Gables in our First Annual “Most Beautiful Yard” competition:

From the Woodward:

  1. Benny & Sandra Looper
  2. Mark & Maria Geyer


From the Gables:

1. Michael and Tanya Zaslavsky (But, we really know it was grandma’s gardening work.)

  1. Rick and Traci Heinz


Thanks for your hard work! Next year we will try to do it in the spring.



New Business:

  • The board reviewed and approved the budget for 2004.  The budget will stay the same as last year with the exception of the dues going up.


  • Nominations to the Board for next year are Rob Wick and Shawn Hutchinson


  • Rod and Carin Moore have started planning for the 2003 Halloween costume contest.  If anyone is interested in helping, please contact the board.


  • Apparently the stoplight at the Woodward is really slow. If you experience this problem please contact the county or Dale Prior.


  • Parking on the street by the Gables is getting to be a safety concern. Neighbors living in the homes by the entryway are encouraged to park in the driveways and garages.


  • A special THANK YOU is going out to Bruce King who is our behind the scenes guy who manages our website. “THANK YOU BRUCE FROM ALL THE NEIGHBORS!!!


Meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm


Minutes submitted by Rick Heinz.


Next meeting will be September 30th, 2003; 7:00pm; Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE