August 25, 2009

Elliott Farm Home Owner Association

Board Meeting Minutes

August 25th, 2009


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Dale Prior.

  • Board Members present: Dale Prior, Laurie Wu, Rob Wick and John Wruble
  • Also present Joy Church, Bookkeeper and Becky Wruble, resident
  • Last month’s meeting minutes were read and approved.


Sheriff’s Report

  • No verbal report
  •  Fairwood Community Crime Watch Monthly Newsletter for July was referenced


Financial Report: Laurie Wu/Joy Church

  • Expenses are to budget
  • Water bill higher than expected last month – Lawn watering was cause
  • HOA insurance due in full on 9/11 – Dale will review


Landscaping Report: Rob Wick (not available)

  • Condition of landscaping is good, even with the hot weather
  • Landscaper has been asked for some additional trimming of the Sport Court landscaping


Architecture Control Report: John Wruble

  • No major compliance issues
  • No new ACC requests.
  • Personal contact has been started with residents with minor compliance issues.
  • Blue container in Gables is back.
  • Dumping in the back Gables common area has been reported.  John will investigate


Old Business:

  • Malone’s Landscaping has provided quote for the Gables entry design.  Project will be submitted to homeowners for review and vote
  • Mail box replacement proposal costs estimated at $10-12K and will be submitted for review and a vote at the annual meeting
  • America’s Night Out ice cream social was held on August 4th.  A good turnout of approximately 35 people attended.


New Business:

  • Reviewed 2010 budget proposal.  Changes recommended and approved.
  • Board of Director Candidate nominations discussed.  One submitted.
  • Annual meeting notice, proxy and ballot will be mailed late September
  • Annual Halloween costume contest will be held on 10/31.  Looking for someone to organize.
  • Joy was directed to pay rent for the boardroom rental


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm

  • Next Meeting will be at the Nativity Lutheran Church Tuesday, September 22nd  at 7:00 pm
    • Residents are encouraged to attend