August 23, 2011

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting

August 23, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:11pm by John Wruble. The Board members present were John Wruble, Linda North, Scott Paul, and Chris Rodrigues. Also present was our bookkeeper, Joy Church.

The minutes were read and approved, making two minor changes.


King County Sheriff’s Report: No report was provided this month.


Fire District 40 Report: Brian Rufener, Battalion Chief/Safety Officer talked with us about the need to be aware of any tall dry brush in our yards or any common areas adjacent to our property, keeping it cut and/or watered down as it can become a potential brush fire hazard.  We also spoke about water safety, and the use of PFD’s (personal floating devices) when playing in King County rivers. Links to these and other issues will be put on our website.


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Joy Church went over our P& L and Balance Sheet. There were no payments on the billed fence project or from past due association fees made this month. We received a bill from our attorney and those fees were passed on to the homeowners involved. There was an adjustment made on the balance sheet regarding the balance of one of our CD’s. It was understated by $428.59.


Joy will send out statements to those homeowners involved in the fence replacement project regarding their portion of the fence expense. Payment is due October 1, 2011.


Chris Rodrigues presented a preliminary draft of the 2012 budget which was reviewed, discussed and adjusted by the Board. After careful consideration it was determined that annual dues need to be raised in order to cover ongoing expenses as well as establish reserves for future necessary projects. A motion was made and approved to raise the dues 15% ($45.00 per year) starting in 2012, in accordance with CCR’s section 7.3.


A discussion was held regarding delinquent association dues and how to handle them in the future. It was determined we will continue handling them as we are today. It is the responsibility of the Board to make sure homeowners are paying their annual association dues.


Landscaping Report: Scott Paul stated he spoke with Malone’s this month and they will be doing several maintenance projects for us at no additional cost. Mainly weed control on the trail in The Gables, and sport court in Woodward, additional clean up and weed control at both entrances, as well as clean up the overgrowth on the trail between The Gables and Woodward. They will also do some soil work to try to determine the cause of the ongoing concern about the soggy area in the Tot Lot.  Scott will draft a letter that will be sent to all residents adjacent to the Tot Lot to check if they have any broken water pipes that could be adding to the problem.


Linda North reported that the fence replacement project in The Gables is 90% complete and looks very nice. The Board approved the fence be replaced with 1x6x6 vertical boards above the Tot Lot in an effort to keep costs down, make the fence stronger, and hopefully mean less warping in the future. The fence will be stained and treated to resist water in the next week. Though careful consideration will be taken so as to cause minimal tromping or damage to existing plants and shrubs along the fence line, homeowners will be notified when this will be done so they can take extra precautions to cover any shrubs or plants growing close to the fence that could be damaged by the overspray.


Architectural Control Report: There was not report provided this month. A discussion was held regarding a homeowner who has done some elevation work in their yard that was not approved by Architectural Control and could eventually cause a safety issue. John will investigate this situation more closely and a decision will be made about potential removal or correction of it.


Old Business:

  • Stop/Yield Sign in The Gables – John was able to speak with a supervisor of the King County Department of Transportation, Road Services Division. He apologized that the stop sign issue has not yet been resolved and promised to get on it as soon as possible.
  • Woodward resident hill erosion –Our attorney is continuing work on this project.
  • Neighborhood Watch –This issue is now closed since there was no response from neighbors regarding getting one started.
  • Sport Court improvements –John and Dale are still working on this project. Dale is getting details and quotes on the cost to replace/repair the net and winch.


New Business

  • Annual Meeting Agenda review and approval
  • Annual Meeting Notice review and approval
  • Annual Proxy/Ballot review and approval

These documents were reviewed and approved as written with one small change.

  • Nominations for Next Year Board positions – No nominations were made at this time. However, a discussion was held of potential homeowners who may be asked to run for office. We are again asking all homeowners to give thought tohelping the HOA by serving on the Board or as a committee chair/member. It is a commitment of a few hours each month. By continuing to have a volunteer Board, we are able to save the considerable expense of having a property management company manage our association.
  • Halloween Costume Contest planning- We are planning on having this popular annual event on Halloween evening at the Sport Court. Jeri Martin will be working on the details and there will be more information coming.


The annual meeting will be held on October 25, 2011. Please mark your calendar and plan on attending.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm. The Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of Each month at 7:00pm at the Nativity Lutheran Church. The next meeting will be held on September 27th at 7:00pm. Residents are encouraged to attend.