April 28, 2015

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of April, 28th 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Chris Rodrigues.   Treasurer Meg Paul, Landscaping Chair Gordon Hill and Architectural Chair Sean Bauer were also in attendance.  Secretary Shirleann Nold was absent.  Homeowner’s Mike and Penny Gowen, Troy McCutchen and Dave Keil were also present.

Meg Paul read the minutes of our March meeting and the board approved the minutes to be posted on our website.

There was no report from Fire District 40.

Bookkeeper Joy Church reported our financials to Meg Paul.  We are operating within our budget. The Fairwood Flyer is no longer in publication and the board decided to use the monies appropriated for this expense to fund our new website.

Gordon Hill reported our landscaping company Natural Land Effects is doing a great job and the condition of our common grounds is a reflection of the high standards we try to maintain in our community.  The thatching and aerating event held over the past weekend was a success.  Many homeowners took advantage of this great opportunity provided by EFHOA.  The HOA provides a pressure washer for homeowner’s at a $10.00 per day charge.  To make your reservation please contact Chris Rodrigues @ chrisrodrigues@comcast.net

Sean Bauer reported there were two submissions for property improvement.

Old Business:  Our new website is in the development stage.  The transition will be seamless and our new site will preserve all of the information archived.  The order forms have been submitted to the Department of Transportation for our Block Watch signs.

New Business:  Chris Rodrigues is in the process of identifying Block Watch captains. The captains will work with their neighbors and exchange contact information to develop a line of communication.  Elliott Farm Homeowners please take the time to download and print the attached link:    http://www.kingcounty.gov/safety/sheriff/~/media/safety/sheriff/documents/b/blockwatch.ashx        The board will use this crime prevention handbook as our guide for the Block Watch program.

Crime Prevention ideas:  The board has received many emails reacting to the recent rash of crime and attempted crime in our community.  1) The idea of a gated community is not possible for the Elliott Farm developments.  Cost, shallow entries, fire department access and privatizing a public roadway are all contributing factors. 2) A Security patrol bid was obtained last week.   The quote provided for three patrols daily omitting weekends.  The added cost would increase our current budget from $32,775 to $52,275.  This would translate to an additional $205.00 per household per year. After careful consideration the board determined patrols are cost prohibitive. 3) Vehicle identification stickers were discussed.  Many felt it would not have an impact on crime prevention.  The cost for a bundle of 250ct. DMV quality stickers is $160.00.  This idea is still on the table and will be discussed in future meetings.

Overview:  It was suggested that Homeowners need to invest in security systems that monitor activity in and around their homes.  Most systems interact with smartphone devices.  We urge Homeowners to turn on their porch lights, lock windows/doors, close your garage doors, lock your car, remove garage door openers and do not store property in your car.  Please keep a look out for suspicious activity and call 911 to report your findings.  To expedite your 911 call please identify with the operator our community is under King County Sherriff jurisdiction.

Open Discussion:   We opened the floor for discussion to the homeowners present.  Some mentioned they wanted to be a part of the Block Watch program and others mentioned they agreed with not funding the security patrol.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10. The Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The next Board meeting will be held on May 26th at 7:00pm at Nativity Lutheran Church. Residents are encouraged to attend.