April 27, 2004


Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2004


Rick Heinz called the meeting to order at 7:00P.M.


Board Members present: Rick Heinz, Shawn Hutchinson, Rob Wick, and Dale Prior

Also present: Joy Church, Russ Stocek


March Minutes were read by Rick and approved.


Fire District #40:  Gerry Johnson reported that the CERT program is going well and that sign up for fall classes is underway.  Visit the website for signup and other district information www.firedistrict40.com.

Fire District has hired an architect to start the planning for the new firehouse that will be located across from Fred Meyer on Benson.  Gerry suggests that homeowners be aware of the bushes growing over house address numbers. Keep trimmed and open to be seen from the street. Also use contrasting colors to help.

A Board member asked about open burning. Burning trash and yard waste is not acceptable but having a small fire in a pit to roast marshmallows is ok.


Fire Districts Citizens Advisory Committee:  Russ Stocek reported on the new firehouse and that Tim Iman’s Initiative 864 would take $650,000 from Fire District #40 budget which would hurt all of us.

Thanks for the report Russ


Sheriffs Department:  Sam Shirley reported that they received 75 Lo Jack systems that are being placed in high-risk areas for car theft. Lo Jack sends a signal that the police can trace to find a stolen car equipped with Lo Jack. Several cars have been recovered using this technology and usually within 24 hours.  Sam also said one of the best ways to protect your car when at home is to keep it in the garage.


Financial Report was given by Joy Church and was accepted by the Board.  All homeowners have paid or made arrangements to pay their dues. A BIGTHANK YOU to all of you for paying your dues.


Landscaping: Rob reported quarterly newsletter was well received. Look for it next August in your e-mail, mailboxes and the Fairwood Flyer.  Spring Cleanup went well. Rob had rented an aerator and thatching machine to use in our neighborhood.  About 12 volunteers worked up along 140th weeding and cleaning the strip above the Gables. Thanks to all that helped.  It looks great!  Rob is working on many projects to help maintain our common areas. The picnic table has been installed and work should be completed by June.

If you have any suggestions for the landscaping e-mail Rob Wick @ Landscape@elliottfarms.net


Architectural Control: Shawn reported that he has approved 1 deck. Remember to submit all of your project plans to Shawn Hutchinson.

You can contact Shawn at architecture@elliottfarms.net


Community Relations: Remember that we need helpers for the Potluck BBQ at the Gazebo on June 26th.  It will be lots of fun; Fire District will be there with the new truck and our storefront Sheriff will be there to.  Please call Sherry at 206-714-8559 or e-mail SherryR@kw.com


Block Watch: No new updates. Remember, call 911 if you see anything that does not look right. (Example: Cars parked out on the street late at night with people sitting in it or a solicitor that seems suspicious.)


Old Business:

*The new compliance regulations have been distributed. Thanks to those who provided comments.

*Picnic table has arrived and has been installed at the tot lot.

*Tract N Open Space Status is in the works.

*Gazebo area is almost completed.


New Business:

*The association found out that CWRS requires us to have our back flow valves inspected on an annual basis. An inspector has been hired to inspect our 4 locations. The cost associated with the inspection will be planned into next years budget.


A couple of neighbors were concerned about their children walking to the bus stop because a couple of vehicles have been parking on the sidewalk out by the entrance of the Gables. The county was asked to assess the issue and has agreed that parking on the sidewalk can be a safety issue for children and will be installing “no parking on the sidewalk” signs. Please comply with the signs to keep our kids safe.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00

Next meeting will be May 25th; 7:00 p.m. Nativity Lutheran Church 17707-140th SE