April 26, 2011

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 26th, 2011


Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by John Wruble. The board members present were John Wruble, Scott Paul, Chris Rodrigues and Jeri Martin.  Also present were Joy Church and Dave Keil.

King County Sheriff’s Report:  No report was provided this month.

Fire District 40 Report:  No report was provided this month.

Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report:  Bookkeeper Joy Church reviewed the HOA balance sheet / Profit and Loss report. First draft of the new financial information spreadsheet was presented in a 12 month “at a glance” format.  The board agreed additional changes to refine the report.  Joy will address the issues and present in May.

The board reviewed HOA dues status.  Statements of delinquency where sent for April to all open invoices assessing the 25.00 per month late fee. The board discussed the status of properties with liens.

Landscaping Report: Scott Paul will contact Malone’s to trim the arborvitaes at the north end of the Woodward sport court.  Landscaper will also be notified to trim a tree impairing the view of a road sign on the 140th at the Gables entrance.  It was noted there is a broken sprinkler at the Woodward sport court.  This will be addressed when landscaper prep’s the sprinkler system for summer irrigation.

The thatching and aeration program on April 16th was a success. Special thanks given to Dave Keil, Chris Rodrigues and Scott Paul for their efforts to coordinate and work this program.  Homeowner participation was low for a no cost program that was provided by HOA. The board discussed updating the homeowners e-mail list to maximize contact for special events.  The use of sandwich boards at the entrances and flyers posted at the mailboxes will better notify homeowners prior to special events.

Architectural Control Report:  There have been 12 submissions for home improvement to ACC during the month of April.  It was noted that homeowners making changes need to submit plans to the ACC for approval at architecture@elliottfarmhoa.org.  The process assures continuity in our neighborhood and protects your home value.

Reminder: All residences are to remove trash cans from the curb post garbage pickup and placed where they cannot be seen from the street.  Out CR&R’s provide for a fine to residents not in compliance.

Old Business:

  • CR&R update – nothing to report at this time.
  • Stop/Yield sign in the Gables – King County Department of Transportation has determined that a stop sign is needed at the intersection of 154th Pl. and 141st. Residents are asked to take precaution at this intersection.  Stop sign installation is in process.
  • Gables entrance Landscaping proposal review – nothing to report at this time.
  • Pet Refuse Bags at the sport court and tot lot areas – It was determined by the board that it is the responsibility of dog owners to pick up after their pets. The board has identified dogs and the owners that have a high frequency of off leash incidences. RESIDENTS ARE ASKED TO PLEASE LEASH YOUR DOGS AND KEEP OUR COMMUNITY CLEAN BY PICKING UP AFTER YOUR PET.

New Business:

  • Dave Keil, residence of Woodward, noted there is erosion behind his property. John Wruble and Scott Paul will inspect and report at our May meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17. The next meeting will be held at 7:00 pm at the Nativity Lutheran Church on Tuesday, May 24th. Residents are encouraged to attend.