April 24, 2012

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

April 24, 2012



The meeting was called to order by Dale Prior at 7:00pm. The Board members present were Dale Prior, Chris Rodrigues, Linda North, Heidi Adamson, and Robert Reash. The minutes were read and approved as written.


King County Sheriff’s Report: No report was provided this month.


Fire District 40 Report: Greg Hartman, Battalion Chief/Safety Officer was present and discussed various safety issues which could be addressed in future meetings. If anyone has questions regarding fire safety it is suggested to e-mail them to secretary@elliottfarmhoa.org and they will be given to Greg to prepare answers for our next meeting. He gave us copies of their latest booklet, “Emergency Resource Guide” which can be obtained at any firehouse, or read on their website www.rentonwa.gov. He also alerted us to summer fire hazards, especially being aware of BBQ safety.


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Joy Church was not present but we did a short review of the y-t-d- spreadsheet, as well a short review of the delinquent accounts. We have heard from 3 homeowners who wish to make arrangements to pay their 2012 HOA assessment. Heidi has been asked to contact several collection agencies and get information on the services they provide, how they would handle our delinquent accounts, and the cost for this service. Heidi will also be sending letters to real estate agencies who have listings on any home in the HOA, informing them of our annual dues, as well as our requirement that they maintain the outside of the home as well as the landscaping.


Landscaping Report: Robert Reash reported that the bark spread in the common areas over the week-end looks very nice.  The burned out entrance lights have all been replaced. Dale will be ordering more bark to hopefully be delivered and spread on May 5th, at the Sport Court and entrances to complete this project. We will again need volunteers with wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes. It is also noted that the Sport Court surface is looking a bit rough, and Dale will have it and the hoops pressure washed. He is also looking into getting gravel/rocks to spread near the trail.


We again want to thank Shirleann and Jim Nold for their generous donation of several yards of the bark. We also want to thank all the volunteers who helped spreading the bark:

  • Woodward volunteers – Dave Keil, Gordon Hill, Robert Reash, Shawn Martin, Nate Martin, Lance Martin, Mike McGrath, and Dale Prior
  • The Gables volunteers- Chris Rodrigues (who by the way deserves a  special thanks for moving about 7 yards of bark himself on Friday afternoon!), Scott Paul, Gordon Payseno, Norm North, Linda North, Bob Marshall, David Shorr, John Wruble, and Becky Wruble

Malone’s has removed some of the overgrown shrubs at the Woodwad entrance and Sport Court which will be replaced later. We asked a couple of arborists for an inspection to determine what trees are posing eminent danger to homes and need removal or trimming. Both bids came back quite high so Dale will be reviewing them and looking at additional bids to do only those that are critical at this time.


The machines for aerating and thatching will be delivered Friday afternoon, May 4th. Dale and Chris have taken over the project and are putting a list together of those residents who have expressed an interest in using them and e-mailing the approximate usage time to each homeowner.

There has been a request to remove the stumps of some trees that were removed from the Tot Lot. It was decided that at this time it is unnecessary since they are not real noticeable and are of no immediate danger to anyone.


Architectural Control: There were no new submissions this month. Craig Herkenhoff has resigned his position on the Board. Dale and Chris will be handling these requests until we are able to fill this important position. Requests and questions may be directed to them by e-mailingarchitecture@elliottfarmhoa.org. If you are interested in serving on the Board or know anyone who is, please contact any Board member.

***We have also been made aware that many roofs are now failing and in need of repair or replacement. Because of this and the fact that there may be some problems of inadequate attic venting, it is highly recommended that attics be inspected for mold, which has been found in some cases.***

Old Business:

  • Stop Yield sign in The Gables – due by the end of this month
  • Woodward resident hill erosion – nothing new to report
  • Sport Court improvements – the net and mechanism has been ordered and is due to be installed upon receipt. Dale is also looking into purchasing a Pickle Ball set to be used at the Sport Court.


New Business:

  • Mailbox postings – the new boxes have been installed. We are all reminded that these boxes are to be used for official HOA business unless approved by a Board member. Parents, please watch your children as they play that they are not tampering with, or putting anything in these boxes.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm. The Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The next meeting will be held on May 22nd at 7:00pm at the Nativity Lutheran Church. Residents are encouraged to attend.