April 24, 2007

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

April 24th 2007


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Dale Prior


Board Members present:   Dale Prior, Joyce Keil, Mike Churchill, Rob Wick, James Postma, John Wruble

Also Present: Becky Wruble

King County Sheriff’s Department: Not Present


Fire District  #40 Report: New fire station will hopefully be done next month.


Citizens should follow the outdoor burning laws. Open fires must be at least 50 feet from any wood structure. Gas fire pits are fine.


Please make sure that your children are wearing helmets while bicycling.


The fire station will be offering CPR classes. Call 425-255-0931


Financial Report- 8 home owners still need to pay home owner dues.

20% charge to late paying homeowners. Dale, John, and James will talk to the people who have not paid yet.


Committee Reports:

Landscaping:  A big thank you to Rob for organizing the Aerating/Thatching weekend. It was a huge success!

The tree was removed at the Gables.

Gravel will be added to the sport court area.


Architectural Control:

It is up to the neighbors to report any issues that you have.

One submission for a retractable awning and it was approved.


Old Business:  No activity with HDR


New Business: Joyce was contacted by Bonnie from Fairwood Greens about doing a joint community celebration for the anniversary of Fairwood. Volunteers will be needed and there are several things we could do, such as a Fun Run, a concert, children’s fair… Suggestions are welcome.


Joyce will get bids on resurfacing the sport court and fixing or replacing the net.


John talked about the Fairwood Municipal Initiative about the incorporation of Fairwood.


Social Events:

Garage Sale will be Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd


Block Party will be August 25th


Meeting adjourned at 8PM.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, May 22nd