April 23, 2013

Elliott Farm Homeowners Association Board Meeting

April 23rd 2013

The Elliott Farm HOA meeting was called to order at 7:05 by president, Dale Prior.  Also present were Gordon, Rob, Chris, Nichol, Joy and Shirleann.

The minutes from March were approved as read by Shirleann Nold, secretary.

There was no King County Sheriff’s report.

Karl Rufener, Battalion Chief of fire district 40, updated the board on the remodel of the fire station, which should be finished in about 8 weeks.  An open house will be scheduled upon completion and everyone is welcome to visit.  Karl spoke of the upcoming summer season and the need to promote safety in regard to outdoor burning.  He asks residents to keep an eye out for brush fires, particularly in open areas where there may be homeless encampments and illegal fires.  Barbecue safety and outdoor burning regulations have been published in the Flyer.

Joy Church, our accountant, reviewed our balance sheet.  93% of dues have been paid.  Late statement will be mailed on 4/21/2013.  Gordon Hill, treasurer, will work with the 5 or 6 households that are not current on their dues.  There was a question about a second billing by PSE with a new account number.  Possibly it relates to the street lights as we haven’t seen a bill for a while.  Dale will call and try to resolve the issue.  The financial report was approved as read.

Rob Wick, landscaping chair, has been busy working with our landscapers on several problem areas like the tire track and the brush pile in the Woodward area.  A bid has been submitted for the removal of small trees behind the entrance to the Gables, some work at the Woodward entrance and the removal of shrubs near the sport court. Homeowners near the entrances will be notified and the work will be done as soon as possible.  Chris Rodrigues will look into the garbage along the fence line and the lights.  Some signs need repainting.  The aerator and thatching schedule is set to begin in the Gables on Saturday morning.  Gordon agreed to return the equipment at the end of the day.  Chris pressure washed the gazebo and intends to do the same with the play equipment.  Thanks Chris!  A question arose regarding water at the sport court.  A special tool is needed to turn on the water.

Nichole Collier, accompanied by Chris, has completed the annual neighborhood walk through and spoken to residents, or left a notice, about work that is needed to bring homes into compliance with our CR&R’s.  Most notices pertain to peeling paint on trim (P), fascia (F), base (b) or gutters (g) on our 13 year old homes.  Moss on the roof and drive ways is again apparent after a very rainy season and may need pressure washing.  Garbage and recycling cans should never be visible from the street after pick-up.  It was brought to our attention that several people have reported failure of hot water tanks or of hot water lines under the house.  An inspection may avoid costly repairs.  Nicole also reported two paint submissions and approvals.  Our attention to these housekeeping details improves the appearance of our neighborhood for the benefit of everyone living here.

The question of submitting our minutes to the on-line, fairwoodcommunitynews.org was discussed and it was determined to be redundant at this time.

Jim Nold sent news that the county reported new stop signs in both developments would be installed by April 24th.  King County was sighted looking at the problem but the work has not been done to date and Jim will stay on top of it.

We are sad to report the death of a longtime resident of the Gables, Thinh Duc Nguyen, and send our condolences to his widow, Cecilia.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

The Board meets every 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. At the Nativity Lutheran Church on 14oth South of Petrovisky Homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold, secretary