April 23, 2002

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Annual Homeowner’s Meeting

April 23, 2002



The meeting was called to order by Dale Prior


Board members present:  All members present


The minutes were read by: Sherry Rosenlund and approved by members in attendance.


Fire District #40 Report: No report at this time.


King County Sheriff’s Report: Officer Sam Shirley was present for questions.

Officer Shirley will assist Rick Heinz and Allan Revenig in establishing a Block Watch program. Officer Shirley explained this is an area low in violent crimes; however, there are been several car thefts in the Fairwood area, mostly Hondas in apartment complexes.  When asked about fireworks for the upcoming holiday, Officer Shirley stated fireworks that can be LEGALLY purchased are permitted and can be set-off July 1st through July 4th at reasonable hours.

Officer Sam Shirley can be reached at 425-296-3111 or samshirley@metrokc.gov


Treasurer’s Report:  Annual financial report available for all homeowners.  There were no changes made to the budget.  Jennifer Beardall reviewed the budget with no questions from homeowners and those present unanimously ratified it.  Legal action will be taken for those homeowners not current on their annual dues.


Landscaping Report:  Shawn reported work completed this last year.  He has continuously worked hard coordinating landscapers to repair irrigation in the Tot Lot and Sports Court.  There were 4 concrete trashcans placed to aid homeowners in clean up. He is working with landscapers to keep those cans emptied regularly. Shawn continues to work closely with the county to ensure both entrances are finished to the satisfaction of the board.


Architectural Control Report:  John recapped the last year and advised there have been no new formal requests received this month. PLEASE REMEMBER TO HAVE ANY PROJECTS APPROVED PRIOR TO BEGINNING WORK.  He will be working closely with attorney Marion Morgenstern to establish specific procedures and guidelines.


Community Relations Report:  There were no new homeowners in April; however, there are 3 homes listed for sale in The Gables.


Social Committee Report:  Rod Moore listed upcoming events and asked homeowners present for input on events they would like have.

April 27, 2002:  Spring Clean-up – Sign up for aerator and edger with Shawn Martin at 425-235-8261.

May 11, 2002:  Golf Tournament – sign up with Russ Stocek

May 17-19, 2002:  Garage Sale – Contact Geri Martin for details 425-235-8261

Mid June:  Summer kick-off BBQ


140th Construction Report: Jim Nold reported that we have come a long way since this time last year.  The county projects completion the first week of June, 2002.  Jim continues to work with the county on:

·        6 feet of fence needs replacing at The Gables entrance

·        Cut off 15 ft of rail at The Gables

·        Fence & guard rail needs to be extended at Woodward

·        Several pillow blocks are missing

·        Fence needed on walking trail between Woodward and The Gables

·        Guard rail or fence needed above the gazebo area


Jim has 60 evergreens provided by the county for homeowners at the toe of the hill to plant.  Stop by his place to pick them up.


Security Report: Rick Heinz and Allan Revenig will work with Officer Sam Shirley to establish a Block Watch program for both Woodward and The Gables.  They request:

·        For Safety Sake – TURN ON YOUR PORCH LIGHT at dusk

·        SLOW DOWN when driving in the developments.  The weather is nice and there are lots of kids playing.


Old Business:  Dale Prior explained the need for legal representation.  The Board has retained Marion Morgenstern as our legal advisor.  She will structure the board according to Elliott Farms CC&Rs and By-laws.  Dale also took a moment to thank all the board and committee members for their service to the community over the last year


New Business:  Next Annual meeting will be October 22, 2002.  It was requested the principal from Tiffany Park Elementary be available for questions.  Any parents with children starting school please note May 8th will be Kindergarten Round-up at Tiffany Park Elementary.


Meeting was adjourned at:  8:45 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Sherry Rosenlund


Next meeting will be:  May 21, 2002, 7 p.m., Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 –140th SE